Jun 11, 2020: Eighty-Three

The first Facebook-free day.

It takes a bit of time, I guess, to condition my thumb to not immediately click the dreaded blue F logo. I can’t delete it as I’m still heavily involved in a couple of groups on there – they are safe from the annoyance of idiocy – and need to be on there for work, so it has to stay on my phone. I could always move it, I guess. Hide it away a couple of screens in so it’s less easy to get at.

I might do that, actually.

The couple of times I’ve accidentally clicked on it, I’ve closed it immediately though. Not checked notifications or anything. Just realised the error of my ways and closed it. Not just exited. Closed.

It’s very liberating. Ridiculously so, in fact.

I’m still using Instagram – for now – as it seems to be much less of a problem than twitter or Facebook, and I almost never read the comments on anything anyway because internet comments are the worst regardless of the platform.

But it’s as if Instagram knows my plans, because it’s thrown up an advert for Facebook while I was scrolling. Because they are all part of the same cabal. But so far, Instagram generally feels nicer. I mean, it’s still got a mixed up feed chronology because it’s using Facebook’s “this is what I think they want to see” style of posting but otherwise…

It’s safe.

For now.