Jun 12, 2020: Eighty-Four

Carole’s banned me from buying any new board games.

She was looking at our board game stats this evening, because we know how to party on a Friday night, kids. She’s set us a challenge to play every game we own by the end of the week. We currently own about 77 games, give or take – ones like the Exit games are counted as owned even though we’ve played them and recycled them, so they may not all physically still exist. But they are owned.

When she first looked, we had 69 – nice – games left to play. Which would mean we had only played eight all year. Which is definitely not right. So she went back and had a look – the challenge was counting games we don’t own but have played this year, plus any digital versions of things we’d played. We didn’t stand a chance if it kept all that in. We play new stuff like that on a regular basis.

So we’ve tweaked it. I say we’ve. Carole’s tweaked it. She’s changed it, and ticked some things and unticked some others.

We only have 34 games left to play this year. And about 200 days to do it in.


Not even a challenge.

And the way I understand it, I wasn’t allowed to buy any new games when we had 69 games left to play. But now we only have 34…

And by the time we get around to Prime Day this year, that number will be way less than that.

So I reckon we could probably…

I’ve always fancied Root…