Jun 14, 2020: Eighty-Six

Sunday means I’m at my mums in the garage from hell, with a side-visit to the greenest pond in all of creation to start cleaning that out. I say start because I’ve left it half done for a variety of reasons, but mainly for my own amusement as it will greatly offend my aunt that I still haven’t finished doing it yet. But mainly because while I’ve moved it (it’s in an massive saucer-type dish) we’re going to trim back some plants behind it and remove some of the garden lights and other cosmetic stuff that I didn’t want to do today because everything was covered in stinky pond water. And also because it’ll annoy the aunt.

I was in the garage sorting out stuff or, more correctly, refusing to sort through rust screws and the like and just deeming them to be metal rubbish straight off the bat. I came across a spare wing mirror – just the mirror – which was in a packet that I could clearly see had been opened from the bottom.

So I carefully moved it, aiming to put it into a crate which is, essentially, car stuff.

But no.

Smashed it.

Because, it turns out, the packet is open at both ends.

Because of course it bloody is.

So that’s me stricken with seven years bad luck off the bat. And I don’t have particularly good luck at the best of times.

But more importantly, why were we keeping this thing in a packet open at top and bottom, father? Why?

I have a lot of questions – something that also came up today was who hangs on to the plastic cover that goes over three pin plugs – you know, the one that you take off before you can plug the plug in. Who keeps those? They’re only there to keep the pins pristine, right? To stop them being damaged in transit and the like. Who keeps them?

I could show you a picture of a guy who definitely did keep them.

They’ve become my new nemesis after I have defeated all (not all, I found another today) the toothbrushes. Now it’s plastic plug pin cover things.


I’ll never get this stuff sorted.