Jun 15, 2020: Eighty-Seven

Lockdown is making us do crazy things.

Some people are spending ridiculous amounts of time getting McDonalds, others are desperately waiting outside shops because they’ve not shopped for three months and it’s the first thing they think to do.

Others of us are going down a darker route.

I’ve started playing Fortnite.

A game I hate. And have hated for ages. A game that doesn’t appeal to me in any way, shape or form. A game that is just a shallow excuse for people to spend cash on stupid clothes that mean nothing.

I’m not too bad at it. I’ve not won anything. I don’t think I ever will. But that’s not what’s important. I’m busy playing it with my niece who is a lot better at it than I am, even if she does forget to tell me to get off the bus, runs off and leaves me behind and neglects to save me when I’m downed.

Still, it’s quite good fun.

I can see why people throw cash at it, though. It’s very cleverly designed. It’s all flashy and woo with bright colours and whatever, and you unlock things with alarming regularity. But you can’t get at everything because it’s behind a paywall you have to get through with in-game currency that you *can* earn as you go, but it’s a very, very slow process or you can fork over real money and get some, so that you have access to so many exciting things.

Like loading screens.

I shit you not. You can earn a loading screen, so that you can see something different when the game is loading. That’s how shallow the actual stuff in the game is, outside of the shooting nonsense. Get a loading screen or make your axe look different, on the off-chance anyone sees it. Or your glider. Or whatever. It means nothing. It’s all cosmetic bullshit. But people fork over money for it.

And I definitely can see why. It’s very cleverly designed to make you want to fork it over.

I don’t want to fork it over.

I just want to play, for free, with my niece. Because during lockdown that seems to be the right thing to do.

Even if it is Fortnite…