Jun 17, 2020: Eight-Nine

Our next-door neighbour took up hammering at midnight, and it went on for about forty minutes.

I was awake.

Carole was not awake.

And then Carole was awake. And angry. Angry like one of the birds from that game with the birds that are angry. That angry. So much anger.

And then her anger led to her not being able to sleep, which meant that she was tired for work – because unlike next-door, she still has work to do. And by that I mean real work and not midnight woodworking. And she was angry. Have I mentioned that?

And to make it worse, our neighbour on the other side could also hear it and thought it was us doing some essential hammering at midnight, assuming if we were doing it then it must be important, rather than it just being our inconsiderate neighbour doing DIY in the middle of the night because they’re practically nocturnal now.

This is what lockdown has become, people being absolute fucking arseholes. And you know they’re the rule-dodging, meet up with as many people as you want types. Despite in the initial weeks, being the ones who left all their packaging outside in case of the Covids.

Albeit, after they’d taken it into their house and opened it all.

But you know…

Midnight hammering.

For fuck’s sake.