Jun 18, 2020: Ninety

We had a virtual games night last night, it being Thursday… not that we’ve had one for ages what with one thing (annoyance and anger) and another (‘sploded computer) going against us.

We took on Wingspan. A game about birds which has a lovely looking bird house dice tower in the physical game which appears to mainly be a ramp to roll dice down, but it still looks good. And cheap plastic trays to keep cards in. But that’s not the point.

We have wanted to try it for a while, and no-one had any better ideas… so we all watched a how to play video and set off on a game.

It’s really quite good. You collect birds in different habitats, you score objectives each round and you try and line up your birds so that when you do a move you can trigger a cascade of amazing benefits and bonuses which will rake in the points.

Nik won, but it was a practice game so it doesn’t count. Score wise, there was 1 point between all of us. Nik got 72, Carole and I got 71 each. I came last by virtue of a tie resolution (and because I’d misplaced a bird right at the beginning of the game and no-one noticed until the end). But we were all impressed with it, I think.

I definitely want to take it for another spin. I think it’ll take a couple of games to really get a handle on the using the bird abilities for good, but it’s definitely a good one – and one we’ll probably look at bringing home as a physical version at some point for sure.

That’s what I like about this online malarky – for a measly monthly fee allowing me to invite people into rooms, we have access to hundreds of games which would cost a decent wallop to buy and then find out you don’t like. Playing the virtual versions is a nice way to find out if it sits with you – Architects of the West Kingdom, Networks and Wingspan are definitely ones we’d probably get for reals for when people are allowed to play out again.

And I watch Matthew Jude and Paula Deming play games online on a Wednesday night, and almost always want to have a pop at what they’ve played as well – Wingspan was one of those.

Without lockdown, though, would I even have known this stuff existed? Probably not…