Jun 20, 2020: Ninety-Two

We’ve ordered – and got – a stretch cover for the couch.

It’s a stop gap between getting old couch and getting a new couch, because the old couch looks crap since we painted in here and a new one isn’t something we’ve really looked into at the moment.

So a cover it is. And a cover we have.

The cover, according to the packaging, can be put on by one person.

I was that person.

It can. To a certain extent.  Apart from the fact that it is quite hard for one human to smooth it all out and tuck it under the feet of the sofa and whatever else it asks. Oh, and just to be able to follow the instructions.

“Locate the label with BACK on it” is the first instruction. In slightly worse English than I have used, but you get the impression. You then put on the cover in such a way that the label marked BACK is at the bottom right hand corner.

I did all that.

And I unfurled more of the cover.

And found the label marked BACK. And then wondered how on Earth I’d twisted it to that extent.


The second one doesn’t even get a mention. What the chuff.

And if you have the left-hand side label on the right, as I had, then it can’t be the right hand label. But the instructions imply that the label system uses one label.

Anyway. It’s on. It occasionally births the foam spacers that you tuck in to hold the cover in place, but otherwise it’s ok as covers for knackered sofas go. And Peppa seems to like it, lying on it within minutes of it being fitted thus removing any chance we had of returning it even if we didn’t like it.