Jun 23, 2020: Ninety-Five

I had a proper slump in mood yesterday.

I don’t know why. I don’t know where it came from. But it came. And it came hard. It might have been, with the benefit of hindsight, just tiredness given that a few hours later I blinked and that blink lasted for about twenty minutes. But anyway, at the height of my slump we decided to play Castle Panic, a game we bought years ago and last played, well, years ago.

Castle Panic is a co-op game (there are some competitive elements in there but we were the better people and didn’t do that – although if we had, I totally won) in which you defend a castle from an onslaught of orcs, goblins and trolls by playing cards which can attack said monsters at certain distances from the castle. Should the monsters destroy the castle towers, you’ve lost. Simple.

It’s actually a really fun game. I’d forgotten how fun. We took it pretty close to the wire, ending with a measly two towers standing as the last monster was defeated. We got lucky, I think, in that we played all the super strong monsters early doors – they’re drawn randomly from a bag and Carole picked everything that sucked. She also managed, when drawing 2 monsters, to pull them in such a way that she ended up drawing 11 monster tokens. If that had been late game, we’d have been screwed. But it was close to the start with a full compliment of walls and towers, more or less, so we knew we could sacrifice some stuff to pull it back.

Playing really helped lift my mood. I think winning, actually, is what lifted it. If we’d lost it probably would have been a different story and I’d have probably have had to take up some late night hammering as some sort of solace…