Jun 24, 2020: Ninety-Six

Bugger me, it’s warm.

We’re in the middle of some sort of mini-heatwave at the moment. Thermy, our handy-dandy home digital thermostat gave me a 26 degrees which is too warm. Quite glad, secretly, to not be at work because it gets so hot in there (or got, as we’re in a new building now or when we go back or whatever) that I have, on occasion, reset a room with no top on.

I foolishly decided to make bread this morning. Another nice batch of cheesy hot cross buns, which rise quite quickly normally. But bugger me, hot weather and yeast leads to super-rising. I was having to adjust my times throughout the whole process.

Apart from the cooking bit, or the oven preheating bit. Where I had to stand in a kitchen with a hot oven heating the air even more.

I did not enjoy that in the slightest.

The bread came out looking really good though.

Even if I do say so myself.

I’m now currently waiting for the air in the world to become cold enough to be able to go to bed. I’m not hopeful…