Jun 26, 2020: Ninety-Eight

I think one of the rabbit treats has gone.

Which doesn’t mean a lot other than, if anything, field voles do not like rabbit food.

There’s still little to no evidence of where the little sod is. I suspect, possibly, he’s back under that bookcase – almost as if he never left in the first place yesterday – as that’s the area the treats are in. But other than that, we’re still none the wiser.

Carole saw it this afternoon, in the middle of the floor, but was in a Zoom meeting and her audible gasp probably sent it scurrying. In much the same way as I spent yesterday kicking myself about moving the shelves, she has been cross with herself for not leaning across as seeing where it ran to.

It’s possibly in the kitchen, in which case it can have a field day under the cupboards, or it’s run under the couch.

But we’ve seen it. So that’s a thing that has happened.

But having said that, I moved my foot earlier and Carole thought it was the vole, so maybe we haven’t seen anything and it was a sock from the wash basket.

I’d quite like to see it and catch it. That would make my day.

I’m sort of hoping Peppa works out where it is, so we at least have a clue. It’s getting dark now, and quiet, so maybe it’ll have a run out and see where it’s at. I’ve left the back door open so if it is in the kitchen it has a free run to the outside world.

That may backfire and thousands of mice enter. Who knows.

We’ll see.