Jun 27, 2020: Ninety-Nine

As Wingspan has fast become a firm favourite with us – having played it a massive two whole times – we decided to take it for a two-player spin this evening. And, to mix it up a bit, we decided to use the other score board which makes it a lot more important to finish each round in the top spot.

I hate Wingspan. It’s a stupid game and I’m going to destroy every copy that exists.

After the first game we played ended in that 72-71-71 score, I have gotten worse. Considerably worse. And today was the worst to date. Absolutely awful performance. Nothing went right for me, at all.

Oh, birds in that type of nest huh? Nope. Not a one. Can I get a card with one on? Oh I can, but do I have time to play it? Oh and it needs to have an egg on it to count? Do I have the turns to do that? Do I buggery.

Meanwhile Carole is quietly throwing out nine point birds left, right and centre. And that’s before she ended up with three times as many bonus cards as I had at the end.

When we tallied the final score, Carole’s points for birds alone was nearly the same as my points for everything.

And that’s despite her, for the whole game, saying that I had this with my “bullshit” moves where I was saving points across a row of birds, while she had nothing of the sort. Which she didn’t. But she was wall-to-wall swans and the rarest of rare eagles and chuff knows what else that just haemorrhaged points into her final score.


Stupid game.

Totally playing it again though.