Jun 28, 2020: One Hundred

Woo one hundred days of lockdown and all that is associated with it.

As it’s Sunday I went to mum’s this morning to do more sorting out. And then a short while after getting there, ended up asking Carole to come and get me again because… well, I couldn’t really sort anything out.

My dad’s garage – and indeed, his office and the attic as well – are like those sliding puzzles with the one empty space that you have to move stuff into in order to move anything else.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that the weather has now turned to shit, I didn’t have that space anymore. Had it been glorious sun,. I could have rolled things out of the garage onto the drive, affording my access to the stuff at that back, but as it was I couldn’t. And there was no space because the council haven’t collected my mum’s recycling for about three weeks. Which is even worse when you consider most of what we have thrown away has been recycling. So it’s all still there. Filling up my empty space.

If anything, we’re in a worse state than we were before I started.

I’d also planned to wash down all of mum’s cladding, which is filthy, but again you can’t really do that in the pouring rain either.

The whole thing was a damp squib. Well, a really well-soaked squib really.

Even stuff in dad’s office was a nightmare. There’s a gazillion and then some photos of every trip to Scotland, ever. But there’s also the CDs containing a gazillion and then some photos of every trip to Scotland. We don’t need both. But to get rid of all the photos – they’re all landscapes and probably weasels – is a bin bag of its own. Which then becomes a problem if mum’s bins are becoming unreliable.

It’s a bloomin’ logistical nightmare.

And that’s before you factor in how arsey my mother got over the substitution of her katsu curry for a curry from a different country and the rant that followed.

Can’t wait for work to start back up again.

Whenever that may be.