Jun 29, 2020: One Hundred And One

Looks like I’m going back to work, somewhere around the 15th of July.

Which is great.

But also the weirdest feeling.

I think, in part, that’s come from just the thing of going back to work. I remember when I’d taken those one or two (twelve) months after I was made redundant from RBS the concept of going back into anything was quite weird. And it’s also because I essentially found out about it via a group of entitled escape room fans/serial complainers on Facebook. You’d have thought, with the bandied around opening date of July the 4th, that we’d have discussed it prior to me happening to text my boss at something past 10 tonight.

But no. That is not the case.

But we’re not opening on the 4th – we’re doing a couple of weeks afterwards hopefully. Which is plenty of time for the fallout of all the pubs to take us back to where we were in March all over again because you’ve got to think if people will queue for hours for a fricking McDonalds and head to the beach in their droves when it’s a bit sunny that people are just going to lose their absolute shit when the pubs reopen.

It would have been nice to have discussed it prior to this, as well, so that I could manage my mum’s expectations around me going over on a Sunday – I won’t be able to do that for a while, but I will get into a system where I book a day off and go over and carry on with what we’ve been doing.

Not to mention the fact that I’m in a zero-hour contract job and, currently, destined to go back to work and make less money than I was getting from furlough payments for actually doing the work I should be doing, not just sitting at home wishing I was back at work.

Which I do. But I also don’t.

Because we have people turning up late, or early or just changing game times left, right and centre. And that doesn’t work in a Covid world. We’ll have to clean between games. We need to make sure teams aren’t coming into contact with other teams, be that crossing on the stairs, outside the doors or whatever. We need to keep teams and ourselves safe.

It’s going to be a challenge.

One I’m looking forward to.

But also really not looking forward to.

Because one thing the Covid lockdown, and the subsequent easing of it, has shown – above all else – is that a lot of people are bellends.