Jun 30, 2020: One Hundred And Two

It was a bit weird going into town, and into work, after so long away.

It was also very weird going into two buildings which look radically different to how I last saw them one hundred and some days ago. The old Riddle building is stripped bare – well, almost bare, I’m shifting the last bits and bobs out of it. And the new Riddle building has rooms in it, which it didn’t have before.

And they look awesome. I think, potentially, more awesome than they might have looked if we’d been doing the building while we were still open because the potential to rush it finished could have ruined what is a fricking nice job on a lot of stuff.

There’s still a ton of stuff to do. We’ve got a potential opening window of a couple of weeks, but it’s still going to be tight.

It’s also great that I got to spend some time alone in the building and got to listen to all its little noises so that I know that it’s almost definitely as haunted as the other one and will be freaky as shit to work in for the last game of the night.

No, I’m sure it’s fine. You just need to move round it quickly so any of the ghosts lurking in the corners can’t get you.

There’s one room, that we’re using as a store room which was clearly some sort of smoking room at some point in the building’s history. Or, and this was my working theory the other day, a smoker definitely died in there. And now haunt it.

They don’t help you put up shelves though, smoker ghosts. They leave you to it, but do move little bits that you might need so that you can’t find them. Or that might just be me. But hey, let’s start with the building being haunted, that way we can’t be surprised further down the line.

Seriously, though. It’s really starting to look good over there. And going in took away a lot of the weird feelings about returning to work, going into town and the like. There’s still a few – like I really don’t fancy travelling on a peasant wagon for the foreseeable future – but we’ll cross those bridges when we get to them.