Jul 1, 2020: One Hundred And Three

When we played Castle Panic the other day, I remember thinking that when we’d played it before I used to think it was almost impossible to lose. I mean, you could, theoretically, make really bad decisions and bugger it up, but more often than not, you could win. It’s not a hard game to win.

There’s an expansion for Castle Panic called The Wizard’s Tower. It is known, to us, as The Wizard’s Sleeve because it’s a funny term for a baggy foof and I called the expansion that when we got it and Carole called it that IN THE SHOP… TO AN ASSISTANT.

The Wizard’s Sleeve makes the game a lot harder.

I have revised my feelings to be that you cannot win if you are waving the Wizard’s Sleeve about.

We played it the other day and got absolutely destroyed. Everything was on fire, for starters, and then we just got entirely swamped in one portion of the board which led to all the towers being destroyed – including that of the Wizard which allowed us to use powerful magical cards – and us losing.

We were shockingly bad.

Worse still was that at the point of losing there were still over ten monster tokens left in the bag. We weren’t even close and we had a courtyard full of Orcs and nothing to beat them off with, as it were.

We need to have a rematch with it. You know, just to assess if it is the game that’s broken or just us.

It’s totally the game… totally… might be me… but totally the game….