Jul 2, 2020: One Hundred And Four

Thursday night is games night. And we were back on the Wingspan.

In fact, we’d been back on the Wingspan in the afternoon as well, having a cheeky practice/exploratory session as we were playing with an expansion set so there were new rules in play.

That’s our excuse anyway.

What’s that? Did I win?

You know, it’s not the winning that counts. It’s actually the taking part, the taking part is the biggest draw of any event. Anything. Olympic Gold? Pfft. Olympic taking part, for sure. They haven’t made a film about a winning bob sled team have they? No. Exactly my point.

Having said all that, I put so much effort into winning both of the games. In one, I was asked to get birds with body parts in their name, but apparently I’m not allowed to include the Dickcissel in that, or any of the vast array of tits on offer. I was also tasked with birds with colour in their name.

I failed miserably to hit even the low threshold on the points for either of them.

The second game we played, I played so many cards that awarded bonuses that I couldn’t possibly lose. I mean, obviously I lost. I have five or six bonus cards at the end of the game – all points my opponents didn’t have access to, or know I had. I failed several of those, too.

We had another annoyingly close scoring game as well. Carole won by three points. Nik and I drew. But then the rule for determining the winner of a draw kicked in and so I came third in the greater scheme of things.

I mean… why do I even bother? Why? I am going to reach into the computer and rip out any trace of Wingspan from the entire internet.

Bloody game.

We’ll probably play it again over the weekend.