Jul7, 2020: One Hundred And Nine

Let the records show that we beat Daniel at a game that we had played before on several occasions and he had never played in his life.


Yup, we played Wingspan – the current household favourite game that we don’t own yet – with Daniel. And we won. Both of us.

Because of course I can’t bloomin’ just win a game. I have to draw with Carole and then we have to find ourselves in a tie which cannot be broken because neither of us have the tie-breaking resources needed.

So yeah, I win. But I have to  – ugh – share it.

What’s even the point? I might as well have come second. Or last.

But I couldn’t. Because that’s where Daniel was.

I mean, under our own strict set of rules, the first game you play of a game doesn’t count for scores. So technically, this game doesn’t count as it was his first foray into the world of birds, but it’s also so rare for either of us to beat him that we’re clinging onto this one with both hands and refusing to let go.

We thought he was going to destroy us, and thus ruin the game forever. That’s why we’ve not played Azul with him – we love Azul, but Daniel is “really good” by all accounts (by which I mean that’s what he told us) so we refuse to play it with him lest he beat us so badly we want to melt down all the tiles and make an ashtray.

He does want to play Wingspan again, though.

Which means any hopes of victory are short-lived. He was already onto the bonus card techniques pretty early on, so he’s definitely a threat straight out of the gate.

Still, we won this time. He can’t take that away from us.