Jul 8, 2020: One Hundred And Ten

We played Wingspan. Just the two of us. A nice casual game of Wingspan. Our household’s favourite board game that we don’t own but play an awful lot.

It’s practically a nightly game now. We’re playing it a lot. We’ve enquired about getting a physical copy, although they are – pun intended – like hen’s teeth at the moment because everyone has bought board games during the pandemic in much the same way every Tom, Dick or Harry is making bread. When we get it, there’s a decent chance it may live inside the game table for quite some time. We like it a lot.

So we played.

And I only  bloody won. By one whole point.

One point.

But still.


That’s what I like about the game, actually – win or lose. It’s always hard to call who has won, based on a number of factors, and generally when the scores are totted up it’s a nice close range. I mean, yes, we have had a twenty point void in one game, but otherwise we’re within a few points of each other every time we play. Which is the sign of a good game, I think. I prefer that to, say, the gaping chasm of points in a game of Patchwork – although I do like Patchwork, don’t get me wrong, it’s just such a clusterfuck when it comes to end-game scoring that it can kind of suck the fun out of it. And I’ve never had a positive score yet.

But yeah, Wingspan is great. Love it. Want it. Play it way too much. It’s worth the £8 premium subscription to Tabletopia.

Tomorrow we take on Nik and Daniel… Daniel will beat us, and we’ll just hate the game forever. But it was a good run while it lasted.