Jul 12, 2020: One Hundred And Fourteen

I went to bed early last night.

Not early early, just early for me. Which is to say it was still the same day as it was when I woke up. I was tired, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Sleep was very much needed.

So, obviously, when I went to bed two things happened.

Someone in the street had an argument with someone else in the street – I assume from the same household – about the ownership and access to a motor vehicle. At length. For quite some time. Annoying, I couldn’t see who it was when I looked out of the window, so I will be unable to glare at them every time I see them.

And secondly, the police helicopter proceeded to patrol an area which sounded to be directly outside the bedroom window but was actually more towards town. I don’t think it was related to the car argument, but who knows on this street? There was one a heated argument about a car in the street and it turns out that it had been involved in some sort of illegal street race thing that left another car on its roof. So this shit happens and it’s very exciting.

I mean, the stuff this night wasn’t. It was just annoying and getting in the way of sleep.

The argument ended, eventually. And either the police chopper ran out of fuel or whatever emergency situation required some eyes in the sky was concluded.

But if I’d known that both of those things were going to take place I’d have just stayed up longer.