Jul 14, 2020: One Hundred And Sixteen

A night of gaming with Daniel.

This time, in the rotation system we have, it was Charterstone. A game I love, but also hate. I really enjoy the unlocking and discovery stuff – even though we’ve done it a few times – but I hate being so bloody bad at it that it’s painful.

I’m not doing anything different to anyone else, aside from not scoring points somehow. It got to the point yesterday that Carole was giving me tips on how to score points.

We played a couple of rounds, as is our custom. In the first game I was absolutely rubbish. Beyond rubbish. So far beyond rubbish, in fact, that it was the game that the pity party rolled out with Carole offering to help me and Daniel shouting “What have you been doing?” rudely from Salzburg. I will remember that, however, and the next time he stays here I will poo in his shoes.

The second game was much better. I score points. I did things. I was a machine.

I came fourth, I think. But there were still machining things being done. I started using a different building which has been built on the map, which changed what I needed to build things. That took a decent amount of faff out of the whole affair, which was nice.

Not enough faff, obviously, as I came fourth. But still, I scored points. I felt like I was doing better.

I’m still going to lose in the long term. I already know that. I think that’s partly why it annoys me that I’m so bad at it – you can see the overall loss coming a mile off. It’s not like the mystery of Wingspan where you end up with a close run thing but never really know it. It’s there, laid out in front of you for all to see.

And for all to offer help and abuse on…