Jul 15, 2020: One Hundred And Seventeen

Work opens again on Saturday.

So, almost one hundred and twenty days since I was last in there running a game, I’ll be back in for whoever decides they want to enjoy the freedom from lockdown by being locked up…

We went in today to play test one of the new rooms we’ve (well, should’ve been we but obviously lockdown…) built.

The place looks completely different to the sawdust strewn building site it was last time I was in which was only a week or so ago – we’ve got moody coloured lighting, we’ve got banners up. Everything looks better. A lot better. A lot better even than the old place which used to look pretty darn good.

The new room is the one that has been “coming soon” for the last three years. Finally, Cabin In The Woods exists and it’s a glorious wooden structure – not just a room designed to fit the shape of a room in a building, which is really nice.

We played through it in about forty minutes – but we have done a fair few rooms before, and there were a few technical issues which slowed us down a bit – but that’s why you test stuff, isn’t it. It’s also a creepy room, which Carole’s not a big fan off, but she held her own. Only jumping a couple of times. I, on the other hand, am completely dead inside and aside from a slight flinch at a jump scare that I knew was coming but obviously didn’t know when, there was nothing. I find the horror stuff to be more of an annoyance in a way – it’s not what I look for in a room, it just gets in the way of the puzzles.

Having said that, there have been quite a few teams through our doors who I would have loved to scare the absolute crap out of, so I think it might be quite good fun to do that…

We shall see….