Jul 16, 2020: One Hundred And Eighteen

Thursday night is games night… and we didn’t play wingspan.

Which means that we (Carole and myself, at least) have not played Wingspan for nearly a week. A week! What the hell is the world coming to when things like that are happening?

We instead took to Tabletopia, with Nik and Daniel in tow, for a friendly game of The Networks which Nik wanted to try out.

We explained the game for Nik, as he’d not played before. We reminded Daniel bits of the game because he’d only played once, and we answered questions from Carole because she’s played the game a few times but forgets stuff (and is still annoyingly good).

There are five rounds, or seasons, to The Networks. You develop shows that are spoof titles of existing things. You attach stars or adverts according to the show’s needs and desires. You secure more stars or more ads, you get bonus cards to do super fun actions. It’s a good game.

I was in the lead for four seasons.

And then I dropped the ball – literally – by misplaying a show. I had a plan all worked out, and yet I didn’t do it that way. I did it in a way which ruined fifty percent of my plan. I don’t think I’d have won, had it all correctly played out the way I intended it to do before I screwed it all up… but I wouldn’t have crashed from first to third (and a third only 9 points away from last, at that).

Carole won, being something like fifty points ahead of the back of the pack in one fell swoop in the final season. “Can you just check,” she’d say. “I think I have 47 viewers this time…” which is a lot. Damn her.

It was fun though.

It’s another one I definitely fancy getting the physical version of. Which is not entirely how I intended playing games on Tabletopia to go during Lockdown, if I’m honest…