Jul 17, 2020: One Hundred And Nineteen

And like that, my final day of lockdown (current infection phase) is ended.

I’m back to work tomorrow. And it feels weird. It feels very strange to be leaving the house and seeing people and doing things that aren’t based solely in this humble abode of ours, or something to do with my mum’s.

It’s weird.

It’s a mix of excitement for going back, and worry for the same reasons. It’s the unknown because we’re in a new building, with new things and new ways of doing things which I am not 100% on-board with (at the time of writing). But I’m also looking forward to the new things and the new ways and I’ll throw myself into them, and forget this paragraph ever happened.

But then it’s weird because it’s – understandably – quiet at the moment. Which is good as a way to ease back into going back to work, but is also a bit of a git because getting to grips with the new stuff comes in a very stunted and sporadic format at the moment. I want a day that’s filled with games so that I can work through how things will be, throw in new patter, and refine my new stuff to the same polished level of hilarious well-structured seemingly disorganised ramble that it was in our old building, but at the moment I don’t get that. Which is shame. I’ve got ideas in my head on how to do it, but I need a few games to test fire the guns on that one…

Still, it will come.

Between now and tomorrow, though, there’s the obvious night of fitful sleep that will come from levels of apprehension, dread, worry, excitement and bewilderment currently coursing through my veins. Not to mention the overwhelming panic of sleeping through alarms and being late.

And other completely irrational things.


It’s like lockdown never happened.