Jul 22, 2020: Knee

Despite the fact that my knee hurts quite a bit when subjected to lots of stairs and the need to crawl about, it does return to something of a workable leg joint with a little bit of TLC and a knee brace.

I’ve not been at work today, so I’ve been able to give it the resting treatment. Yesterday I gave it a decent brace for most of the day, including while at work, and when I took the brace off nothing nasty – like, say, my kneecap sliding down to my ankle – happened, so that was quite reassuring.

When it comes to resting my knee, I’m sitting with my leg outstretched as much as possible and just generally not doing anything which causes too much bending to take place allowing whatever is wrong to, hopefully, get less wrong.

I’ve taken to lying on the couch once Carole’s gone up to bed. We’ve got a massive cushion now, which I can rest under my knee and elevate it a bit, and I can put my feet up on the arm of the couch so I’m all nice and comfy and, most importantly, straight-legged and happy.

I’d forgotten how lethal our couch is when you lie down.

I woke up tonight, having fallen asleep mid-YouTube video *and* mid-gameplay to find that Peppa had snuggled onto the couch in the gap betwixt my legs and the seat of the couch.

Effectively trapping me. More so than normal as I don’t want to do any bizarre leg motions in case I twist my knee and end up crying on the floor. Especially when I’d be crying on the floor while Peppa just looked at me like “whut?”