Jul 23, 2020: Mine

We took a new – to Carole and myself, at least – game for a spin on Tabletopia yesterday. The thing about Tabletopia, I find, is that there are a gazillion games on there and we have not even scratched the surface of the surface yet. If it was a new piece of technology it would still have that peel-off plastic on it protecting it from unnecessary harm. That’s how little we’ve dug into what’s on offer.

We played Off The Rails, a game in which you lay down mine cart tracks so that goblins can collect jewels from a cavern which is, at some point in the future, going to start collapsing and end very badly if you happen to be in it at the time.

It was our first time playing it, so any scores don’t count. That’s the rule we play by. Unless one of us wins, in which case hell yeah it counts. Unless it’s not me in which case no it doesn’t count.

Off The Rails is one of those push your luck style games, especially towards the end when you’re frantically trying to grab gems while not driving headlong into a hole. It’s a game of forward planning and working out the best route to get to the gems you want without helping another player by laying track that would be beneficial to them, and trying to avoid collisions (unless you cause them) because that way heartache lies.

Carole was initially very grumpy when we started, as she felt she was unfavourably position in the way the random gems were drawn. They were all as far away from her as could be, so she’d taken her bat and ball home straight away. I was grumpy because it’s my trademark, and Nik was fine because he’s played the game before and we were learning at his wise and wizened feet.

I managed to come second, losing out by one point. I could, I checked afterwards, have snuck a draw if I’d chosen to really push my luck and go for one of the last remaining gems on the board – something which I had considered but chickened out of. If I’d got that, the scores would have been equal and hell yeah the game would have counted.

As it is, though, with Nik winning, me second and Carole third the final tally is consigned to the pile of scores that don’t count especially if Nik wins – it’s a slightly smaller pile than we have for Daniel. Everything’s on that one.

I think we’ll dip further into uncharted territory for next week’s too… see what we can come up with…