Jul 24, 2020: Small Horse

Part of our more recent lockdown activity has revolved around binge-watching all of Parks And Recreation. We’d not seen it before, although we had tried the first episode a few years ago and it didn’t really grab us. But this time it did, as did the one hundred and whatever following episodes which we flew through and then were very sad afterwards.

Carole has really embraced Leslie Knope as a role model. She has a picture of her up above her desk encouraging her to do whatever it is she needs to do. And it seems to work. All she needs to steer her back on track is a quick look at Leslie and she’s fine.

Quotes are bandied about, YouTube videos of every time Ben looks at the camera are watched. Highlights of each character digested with gusto.

There is one downside.

Maybe downside is too big a statement. But it’s definitely a problem.

That’s still going on.


A good few weeks after we finished the run.

We can’t stop singing Bye Bye Lil Sebastian.

At all.

Every day at least one of us has sung it, which then sets of the other. It’s like a high-powered persistent ear worm, albeit one in celebration of the best small horse the world has ever known.

It’d just be nice to make it through a day, though… just one day…