Jul 25, 2020: Better

Work is slowly picking up, in that I had two teams today instead of the one sporadic group I’ve had on a few days up to now.

It’s been quite hard to get back into the groove of the whole thing with only one team at a time – it’s been months since I’ve done a speech about escape rooms or the story of the room you’re going into, and that’s changed a bit now so it’s nice to get a couple of groups, back-to-back, to be able to run through the patter a bit.

It was also nice – nay, a bloody delight – to have a team who were able to give a bit of banter back as well. It’s one of the hardest things in the world to give a room briefing, which you know is entertaining, to people who sit there with no reactions – and even harder when their faces are masked up so you can’t even see a reaction. But at last I hit a team of friends who were out for a laugh and were happy to play along and talk back to me rather than sitting stony faced, as practically every team since we reopened has done.

It was definitely a change for the better and hopefully one that carries on, at least until the second wave of Covid sweeps over the country from everyone who’s pissed off to Spain at the first available opportunity for a Brits on Tour holiday of bellendishness.

I’m running my first Cabin In The Woods game tomorrow. I’m a little nervous about it – although that’s not really the word, I think maybe self-conscious. I’ve never done it before, so I’ll be doing it under the supervision of the boss, who has run it. And there’s just something about being watched as you try to get to grips with screaming into a hole and generally scaring people which is a little bit off-putting. I’d kind of like to just be left on my own to shit people up.

But hey, once it’s done, it’s done, I guess.