Jul 26, 2020: Bus

I had to get the bus to work yesterday, for the first time since the reopening of the new normal.

It doesn’t fill me with a huge amount of confidence, if I’m honest, for the future of the human race because we really seem to be struggling with this. The way some people are going, they won’t have any germs left to infect the people where they’re going to, they’ll have used them all up on the bus.

There were noses out of masks, people just taking their masks off as soon as they got past the driver of the bus, and just people talking to other people about how they’re just going into town for a look about.

I get that everything is getting back to normal in terms of opening. But there’s still coronavirus kicking about, especially in Kirklees where we’re topping tables for numbers of cases per 100 people. We’re being advised to only travel on public transport if it’s absolutely necessary – so yesterday there were the people just going for a mooch round town and at least one alcoholic who’s just into town to get pissed and come home drunk at 10pm. He’s probably alright, though, as unless he dried out during lockdown, he’s probably got a higher alcohol content than most alcohol anti-bac wipes…

But honestly, I’m not filled with confidence.

I don’t want to do the bus thing, just yet, on a week day. If that’s the sort of standard you get on a Sunday when most sane people aren’t busing hither and thither anyway, then who knows what the week is going to be like. Not to mention, the fact that only half the seats are available means that you could be waiting ages to actually get on a bus at peak times, especially once everything is open open open from Saturday.

It’s going to be a nightmare.