Jul 28, 2020: News

I am usually, as much as is humanly possible, a man who avoids the news. Not because I don’t have an interest in things, but because I believe that the advent of worldwide, twenty-four hour rolling news has led to an increase in idiocy the likes of which will never be undone. The need to fill airtime with a news story and then endless rounds of speculation and expert opinion (often not from experts but from people who once had a poo in a building an expert once worked in) drive me up the wall.

We had the news on, briefly, while we were making tea this evening.

I say briefly because I became so incensed I had to change channels.

It was, as many things are, covering the tragic fact that people can’t go to Spain on holiday or are being advised to come back from Spain.

We were interviewing a woman who’d had to come back from Spain and how it was awful that this was happening and that she’d have to isolate for fourteen days.

And throughout the whole thing she was wearing her mask so it didn’t cover her nose.

For fuck’s sake, people. It’s not hard. If air goes into it and through that into your respiratory system, you should probably cover it. But don’t then pop up on the news whining about having to come home from Spain because of Covid-19 when you’re wearing your mask wrong. Especially when you’ve just come home from Spain because of Covid-19. Which is rife, presumably in part, because they flung open their borders and were flooded by Brits On Tour not wearing a mask properly or doing the whole “we don’t need a mask, there’s no Corona here” bullshit. Let’s not forget, there was no covid-19 cases at all in New Zealand until two people from the UK went over there…

I get that we’re being encouraged to get back to normal. But things aren’t normal. There is still a disease out there, and it’s still contagious and it still spreads quicker than Jordan’s legs when a rich person comes near. And yes, statistically you won’t get it and all that other shit… But still. Come on. At least just try…

Ugh, I give up.