Jul 29, 2020: Nerves

I don’t think I’ve ever been as nervous as I was at work today, when it was my turn to be unleashed on our newest room which requires a bit more hands-on interactivity from the game master.

It’s been a learning curve returning from lockdown anyway, what with a new building and new set ups, but now we’ve set our newest room (albeit one that has been pending for three years) free to be enjoyed it’s got a bit more curvy.

So I spent an hour this afternoon creeping around in the dark and traumatising players as I learnt the ins and outs of the game. I got lost in a room, which was quite exciting as I hadn’t provided myself with any light with which to escape. I practiced yesterday and could go in and out with no problems, but when it came to doing it today, for real, I couldn’t find the way back out in the pitch darkness and had to be rescued by the boss.

I was, it turned out, only about six inches away from where I wanted to be. But those six inches, in the dark, might as well have been miles.

Aside from that small faux pas, though, it went pretty well. Certainly better than I thought it would, and I have been dreading it as the idea of doing it has been my least favourite thing of all time recently.

But hey, I was wrong. It was grand. Fun even.

Apparently, I have a very polite scream though. Probably need to work on that…