Jul 30, 2020: Fun And Games

Thursday night games night brought us back to Off The Rails again. Because once we’ve learnt a game, we want to play it again and again until I get bored of losing.

We dragged Daniel into the fold this time, so it was a four-player affair. A quicker game, with a bit more thinking and strategy than last week and, yet, more or less the same scores and crushingly upsetting points differences.

Daniel lost – which considering he’d never played before was unsurprising (not really, it was actually quite surprising because he does have a very annoying habit of winning things he’s never seen, played or heard of) but even then he was only six points off the top spot.

The only problem with Off The Rails, I find, is that it makes me question my life choices after the fact. Last week I could have drawn if I’d chanced a certain move, this week I could have won if I’d unleashed my second minecart earlier than the point at which I realised I could get more points with the second cart but wouldn’t be able to get it home to claim those points. But then, would doing that have changed the location of some of the chasms that opened in the latter stages of the game? Who knows? But I still question it all. And convince myself I could have won, and then be sad. But next time I’ll come out of the gates hotter than I did this time (and I came out pretty hot, to be honest…)

While we were playing, though, Kirklees was put into a new Covid-19 lockdown situation where we cannot meet another household indoors again (reviewed on a weekly basis). There’s no indication on how this affects working situations – we’re being told that it includes pubs and the like, so if you go to dine out, for example, you can only dine as your household. Even though other households will be in the vicinity.

I guess it means work becomes quieter, potentially, than it has been (and it was already quiet) as it’ll be teams from one household as opposed to the however many the previous ruling was. But it does mean my vulnerable colleague, who was looking forward to coming back to work on Saturday (and who I was looking forward to seeing come back so that it’s not just me in) probably can’t come back because she’ll have to isolate herself again.

It’s almost as if all the people wearing either no masks or masks not over their nose and/or mouth have had some sort of detrimental impact on the health of our local area.

How strange…

… if only someone could have seen that coming.