Jul 31, 2020: Aaargh

There’s an element we need, at work, for the room that I have designed. It’s something I came up with before anything else in the room and something which I have clung onto ever since.

Even though I have no idea how to actually implement it. I mean, not no idea. I have some ideas. They’re all ones that involve a lot of work which I think I can do, but I don’t know how pretty I can make it look. Or even if I can get it working.

I’ve dabbled with elements of it since I came up with the idea, looked up “how to” guides and even started a course of C# programming to get up to speed with it.

When I’ve talked about it at work, I’ve been unsure whether the need for the stuff would fall on me, or whether it would be outsourced. I’ve been, more-or-less, under the impression that outsourcing was the way forward. But now I’m not sure if it is. We had a chat about it the other day in which I was asked how far I’d got – which was not far – and during which I raised the point that I got the impression that what I was to produce would not be pretty enough (as I have zero skills in graphic design – or any design, for that matter, let alone any of the coding and building skills). But it does appear it might be on me. Although an external party has also been contacted about it too.

So I still don’t know.

So I spent more hours than I care to admit building a password entry system for a computer in the room (which then leads to something else) this morning. And then several more hours adding a nice background to it. And then several more hours trying to work out why adding more buttons after the background stopped the background working.

There was swearing. And a YouTube tutorial made by A CHILD who was also some sort of WIZARD.

It’s been a strange day.

And that’s like the easy bit. The password is 5% of the finished computer stuff. There’s supposed to be a game – or a bit of a game, at least – hidden behind the password screen.

The video tutorial for bits of that is about 15 videos long.

And I need an onscreen keyboard… which is what broke my background earlier.

Oh god, what am I doing…

… still, I have a bit of time since local lockdown has kyboshed any work for the weekend I would imagine…