Aug 1, 2020: Bye Bye Li’l Wingspan

Well, it had to happen I guess. It was inevitable.

With our local lockdown knocking the wind out of work’s escape room sails this weekend, I had an unexpected Saturday at home. One in which we ended up with one, or two, or a plethora of messages from Daniel about our availability to play board games.

And Wingspan in particular.

Because we all like that game.

Or liked.

Liked that game.

At least two of us hate it now.

So we played. It was a curiously egg-based set of objectives, which I failed miserably at in every regard. And because we were playing on the unfriendly scoring board, suffered for it.

Carole was just happily pootling along, scoring objectives but with low scoring birds out on her mat.

And then there was Daniel.

Daniel set our new highest score for the game. He had birds coming out of his ears, all of them with eggs aplenty, and a good selection of tucked birds as well. No cached food, though. He must have decided that what he’d done was more than enough to bring home the avian bacon.

Ninety-something points he got.

I was next with sixty something, and Carole was in third because of her poor bird score (but massive tucking achievement).

So basically Daniel ruined Wingspan. We’ve always enjoyed playing it, win or lose, because the scores have always been in the same ballpark. It’s always been a close run thing, it’s never been obvious who’s won.

Until this game.

When it was obvious in round one.

I mean…

So basically, we’ll be looking for something else on Tabletopia now. We cannot return to worship at the feathered temple.