Aug 2, 2020: Sunday

I have not enjoyed today in the slightest.

Today can do one.

The best thing about today is a mowed the grass. Which shows how good today has been. And I only mowed the grass because I went outside to fight the cardboard from the shed into the recycling bin and everyone that gets on my tits (yes, I realise I could have just said “everyone” and left it at that) was out in all the other gardens, so I ended up round the front of the house.

I could have just gone in again. But hey ho.

We went to my mum’s this morning, which was a bit tortuous as she seems to have reverted back to her “woe is me, everything is too much” stage, which she hasn’t been at any point through lockdown. And despite the fact that I clearly told her once everyone is back at work, and the newbie is up and running, I will be booking some Sundays off to carry on what I started and do stuff around the house/garden she’s decided it’s all up to her.

And speaking of which, when you discover that your aged, half-blind from a stroke, mother is just nipping up into the loft for stuff that she suddenly deems urgent (and got in a huff with me about because I was going to work for the first time since lockdown and not visiting her) it can be a little bit frustrating.

“She took her phone with her…” Carole said, when she told me about it. As though that is some comfort. She can barely use her bloody phone sitting down in a chair, let alone panicking because she’s trapped in the loft or toppling through the entry hatch because she didn’t quite see the hole what with it being on the left. There’s something about the thought of your mother, who lives alone, falling out of the attic and down a metal ladder into a heap from which no-one would find her for days that doesn’t fill a person with much joy… but hey, at least she’d have her phone with her so we might get a text that says “HLP I V FLLN” if we were really lucky.

Oh, not to mention, we wouldn’t be able to get in to her because the door would be locked and her keys would be in the door which would stop any other keys being put in the door to unlock it…

So yeah, that started the day off splendidly…

And then tonight I find out that the stuff I was making for work, I don’t need to make for work because we’re getting someone in to do it, which I could have been told about several days ago rather than spend time on-and-off during this weekend making the thing for work that we now don’t need.