Aug 3, 2020: Planned To Perfection

Today was supposed to be a day of cooking a roast dinner and shameless, guilt-free video-gaming. It was a day free from work because, having had enough of going back for two weeks, I’d booked the day off. And Carole was off as well, and going on a day trip to walk in nature with her sisters. Which is actually why I’d booked the day off – I ain’t doing buses unless it’s an absolute, absolute, absolute necessity. Screw that.

Anyway, Carole was still her at a time when I believed she should have left.

As with many a familial plan, it was unravelling at a rate of knots. People were dropping out, plans were changing…

And I got up and began prep for the roast – we’d cunningly working it out, before we knew that I’d be off work anyway, and broken it down into sections which could then be reheated and combined (aside from the joint being cooked afresh) when it came to meal time. That way we could conceivably deal with any manner of work-based interuptions.

So that was me. Yorkshires and roasties.

A simple task.

Somehow took all bloody morning.

And then the beef was a slow cooked joint so needed hours in the oven, so that somehow took all afternoon. Yes, even though it was just cooking away, I still did nothing in the afternoon because I ended up watching a couple of livestreams for upwards of four or five hours…

And Carole never left. And I was just in the kitchen all day.

And nothing upon nothing was played, no nature was walked in.

It was a great day for planning but a shit day for execution..