Aug 5, 2020: Interloper

The interloper returned last night.

When Carole got up this morning she found all Peppa’s food had been eaten – something Peppa never does – and a rubbish bag in the kitchen had been shredded with some effort being made to get to the contents (which was mainly Freddo wrappers and carrot peelings.

It’s weird because we had those few nights of it, way in the middle of lockdown, and then there hasn’t been anything – or at least not to our knowledge – for ages. And then last night, there it is again.

On the same night the pregnant cat was seen hanging around.

Is that a coincidence? I don’t know. I assume it is. But I don’t know.

So, tonight, I’m camping out in the front room again. To hell with you, sleep. I need to get to the bottom of this mystery and also hope that I am not needed to work at 10am tomorrow because I will be in no fit state.

I’ve set up show in the front room. I’ll nap on the couch or something. If I can, that is as Peppa has claimed it for herself at the moment. I’ve got my computer angled so I’m looking into the kitchen, not quite at the back door, but close enough for a quick lean at the sound of a cat flap cat-flapping.

I’m hoping to unmask the culprit and scare them silly. Unless it is the pregnant one, in which case I’m hoping to take her in and befriend her so she thinks I am the best person to look after her brood of kittens.

Neither of us can be arsed to have to lock the cat flap. It’s such a chore having to get up to let a cat in, because cats are arseholes and once they know you’re doing that for them they just go out for no reason other than shits and giggles. As opposed to just shits. And you’re just on door patrol all day. Plus Peppa has never known the restriction of a locked catflap. Even when we used to lock the old one, she worked out how to open it with her teeth, because she’s stupidly clever.

Not clever enough to tell me who’s been coming in the cat flap though. Or to have a fight with them leaving clumps of their fur on the carpet for ease of identification.

EDIT: Quarter past midnight, the cat flap went. No sign of a creature in or out of the house. Peppa was still on the couch. The mystery deepens. It might be a ghost.