Aug 6, 2020: Keep On Rolling

Another Thursday, another game.

This time, as part of my on-going quest to get my money’s worth out of Tabletopia’s dazzling array of board games, we played Roll Player which is a free-to-play game and doesn’t even need the subscription that I have.

So there’s that.

Anyway, Roll Player is sort of Sagrada-y, in that you’re rolling dice and positioning them on a character sheet for a stereotypical roleplaying character. You’re trying to position dice according to some colour positions on your background card, and hit score totals on your attribute lines. You can buy equipment, skills and traits as well, which can affect the way you score points, manipulate your dice and generally score points.

There’s a lot going on, but it’s actually a really simple game to get to grips with.

We played it. Nik, Carole and me. Three of us. Nik’s played before, we’ve never played. I’d read the rules, Carole had watched a video. Carole’s video was apparently misleading and/or useless at times, and the rules I read didn’t even mention one bit of the game – or they probably did, but I never saw it.

But anyway, we played. Two novices, one more skilled player.

We rolled, we collected, we stiffed each other.

We all ended up with 20 points.

Carole won by hoarding gold, but otherwise we just all got the same number of points. What’s even the point of games?

I mean, I’m saying Carole won – it doesn’t count as it was the first game we’d played and therefore only a practice. But still, she’ll realise that in time.

I reckon we’ll be playing it again. It’ll replace Wingspan for a bit, since Daniel ruined that one.

But hey, guess what game Daniel really likes… yeah… so it’ll be a short-lived new game I think…