Aug 7, 2020: Winner

A lot has happened with Charterstone.

I love it and hate it in equal measure. It pisses me off when I do stuff and don’t seem to get any points, and yet I’m doing the same thing now and am raking points in left, right and centre. I haven’t changed any tactics. I haven’t explored strange new pathways to victory. I’m just doing the same stuff I always do. But for some reason it’s working.

My character, though, by virtue of being the worst at a point in the game, no longer has a body and I have to play as a ghost.

Which is a bit annoying.

I can’t win when I’m a ghost. Which is fine, because I wasn’t going to win anyway, so I don’t feel like I’m in much of a rush to cash in my ghost ticket just yet. I could buy back my body with 9 gold coins, but when I can also use those nine gold coins to get me 10+ points off the board and beat Daniel… who needs a body anyway.

I beat Daniel twice. Which is unheard of. I even won a game by a decent margin as well, which is even more unheard of. I beat Carole once, and equally unheard of experience when it comes to Charterstone. And she, too, beat Daniel…

I’m not thinking this was solely down to Daniel being distracted by his internet dating app which he kept checking between turns instead of focusing on his strats. I’m sure it was nothing to do with that, and was just down to the skill and fortitude that a real winner, such as myself, displayed.

It was probably the app though.

Well, and I appreciate this is a weird thing to say, I can only hope he’s just as horny the next time we play games…