Aug 8, 2020: Warm

Today’s been one of those annoyingly hot days where it’s hot and it’s annoying.

The kind of day when every Tom, Dick and Harry swans off to the beach. The kind of day when I go outside as little as possible because it’s too warm, and have several fans blowing around the house to try and keep it cool enough to sleep in later on.

I think it got about cool enough to sleep at 2.30am this morning, and Friday wasn’t even as warm. So who knows what the hell will happen – although I am tired enough to slip into a sweaty slumber regardless of temperature… hopefully.

It was a day, though, spent checking my phone as there was a definitely lack of work. And when there’s a lack of booked games, that means you have to keep an ear our for people who aren’t organised enough to pre-plan their days out and just wing it with little to no notice.

I’d rather – and luckily it’s what happened – that nothing came in. Mainly because that way I never needed to fully put clothes on. I could just slob about in the thinnest, most worn our t-shirt I could find and a pair of shorts that were probably not enjoying the proximity to my sweaty areas that I was giving them.

That sort of thing doesn’t translate well to work wear.

Still, it’s a bit weird, not having any work on Saturday. I’m still struggling to get into the rhythm of the whole thing – it’s just too bitty at the moment. I equally want, and don’t want, a back-to-back day of bookings so that it can feel like the new normal is as fun as the old normal, but it’s still a ways off yet, I fear.