Aug 9, 2020: Chickens

We have a room at work which is a scary room. It’s not one I care for, entirely, as the scare thing doesn’t really float my boat, but when you get the right group of victims… I mean, erm, players, then it can be good fun.

I had my first bad team in there today.

Part of the fun of the room is that it’s dimly lit. It’s not so dimly lit that you can’t see what you need to see, but it’s dimly lit so that you can’t see what you’re not supposed to see. Or so that you think you saw what you didn’t see. Or something. It’s all about the atmosphere.

And everyone has gotten that.

Up to today.

I had a team who, despite repeatedly being told – and being told before the game as well – just wouldn’t stop using their fricking phone torches.

Everywhere they went, shining torches.

It’s so annoying. Because if anything happens, it’s not going to happen when someone’s full beaming you with a Samsung Galaxy.

I’ll be honest, as soon as the torches came into play, I wanted to fricking destroy them.

I asked them repeatedly in the first five minutes to stop using their phones as torches. They just carried on. Waving around their little torches so nothing could get them.

Psychological warfare then.

A nine-year old child has played this game. She used zero torches. So I started playing on that. “You’re a chicken if you use your torch. A nine-year old girl was brave enough to do this without a torch… and you group of five tough men can’t do it….”

And then I fucked them up at one particular bit, to such an extent that it was hard to hold in a huge laugh when I did it.

I’ve not really been feeling it, workwise, since I went back. I ebb and flo. I wasn’t looking forward to today, massively. But then this happened and I managed to turn something shit into something incredibly funny (for me, anyway) and produce the first losing team in the room because they dicked about with their torches so bloody much that they wasted a whole heap of time, I wasn’t about to let them carry on for that…

… a fourteen year old’s birthday celebration, however… he left wondering how they got so much done in that last minute…

Lucky he didn’t get a watch for his birthday….

… I do hope he got new underwear, though.