Aug 10, 2020: Weary

Last night was warm.

Which was already a mark in the con column when it came to sleeping, but I hadn’t figured on finding myself awake from about two until after five. Which led to a somewhat tired Jakey for the whole day.

And tired Jakey is an arsehole.

An absolute arsehole.

What didn’t help the case even further was that Peppa had brought a shrew into the house at some point during the night – I did hear the distinctive scrabbling sounds of Peppa with rodent, and I heard squeaking, but dismissed it because I should have been asleep instead of lying awake in bed. Carole saw the shrew at about half seven in the morning, and her scream then ensured I was up.

It took my nearly three hours to locate and catch it.

Three hours of moving furniture around the back bedroom/Carole’s office. Pulling things away from the walls, filming underneath shelves with my phone to see if any rodents were in resident, and generally fighting against my environment.

And then I went for a wee, and the mats in the bathroom were all messed up as if a cat had tried to catch a rodent creature in there recently.

And then I went into our bedroom to text Carole and say I couldn’t find it, and to give her the news we would be living with a different rodent for a while, since Steve Mouseman vanished way back when.

It was at this point that a shrew ran along the edge of my foot.

And I just reached down and picked it up.

Piece of piss.

Caught, calmed and released. And it only took three hours of swearing and being bad tempered because I was tired…

Going to bed early tonight. Bugger it. And if another mouse comes in it can bloody live here…