Aug 11, 2020: Less Weary

I slept.


Nearly twelve full hours of sleep. Quite a few of them downstairs on the couch that is ridiculously uncomfortable to sleep on but also incredibly easy to fall asleep on at the same time. A mystery couch.

I mean, that might have had a decent amount to do with being almost dead on my feet at 9pm and just slumping into a sleep coma, if such a thing exists.

It was good to sleep, though, as it’s made today a lot more bearable. I’ve had to do a lot less leaning on surfaces and wishing  I could just fall asleep where I was. I mean, I did accidentally fall asleep on the couch while I was waiting for an Amazon delivery but I’m sure that was just due to the busy morning I had, erm, going for a shower and putting clothes on.

Talking of showers… today can do one in terms of heat. Three showers I’ve had, so far. There’s still time for another.

One when I got up, one before I went to work and one a couple of hours after, once I got back from work. It turns out running round the periphery of a room in a big thick person hiding hoodie is quite a warm job. And we can’t really do the fans thing at work because it’d just be blowing Covid-19 all over the bloody shop.

Honestly, a second wave in winter would be bloody delightful from that point of view.

And, of course, we’ve been waiting for the forecast thunderstorm all day. And it keeps moving further and further away. I mean, we clearly need one to shift the muggy air, but nothing seems to be happening. And every weather service we look at has a different idea of what might be happening. And none of those have even talked to Alexa who may as well just be screaming “it’s going to thunder” like a crazy woman every five minutes for how often she’s mentioned it.

It should be doing it now, in fact.

It isn’t.

Benjamin Franklin would be annoyedly removing the key from his kite, I can tell you…