Aug 12, 2020: Mother

One of the fun things about my mother is that she strives to live a normal non-stroke ridden life despite having had a stroke. The stroke left her with some deficit to her vision on the left side which seems, to a casual observer, to be very selective.

If you point out something to her, she can’t see it. If the smallest spider in the history of the world approaches from the left, that’s definitely seen.

There’s a number of things she can’t do. A number of things she claims she can’t do and a number of thing she shouldn’t do but insists on doing anyway – for example, going up into the attic when no-one is anywhere near her house lest she fall through the hatch, as I have previously mentioned.

She takes her phone with her. Which is super reassuring as she can barely use it in a normal situation, let alone the high stakes of a panic-riddled fall or whatever. She recently said she’d ventured up to the very overgrown back corner of the garden and cut a load of stuff back, but that we didn’t need to worry as she took her phone. And then proceeded to say that she could have fallen and landed in a way where she then couldn’t get to the phone…

… but reasoned her constant foul-mouthed tirade would, at some point, attract a neighbour.

Anyway, she went out for a short walk around the block. She told Carole she’d text her when she got back.

She was gone for aaaages.

Carole had me phoning home to see if she was there. She text her. Nothing.

There’s a number of things that go through your head in times like this – for me, it’s knowing that mum had a similar instance with her mum where she phoned her and there was no answer and it later transpired that she had died during the night, so I have that feeling every time there’s no answer when there should be one.

Luckily, we managed to get hold of her before we’d pulled on shoes and bundled into the car.

Oh yes, never underestimate my mother’s ability to bump into someone for a fricking chat…

… and then someone else… and someone else… until there were about seven old dears having a natter together…

Honestly, parents…