Aug 14, 2020: Masks

Today was a rare day when I had to get the bus to work – shh, don’t tell the boss – which is not something I’m planning on doing on the reg, as they say, until September.

Holy moly, things have not improved since the last time I caught the bus. If anything, it’s gone downhill. And considering Huddersfield is under the local lockdown rules (and we’re currently successfully increasing our infection rate even under those rules) you’d think people would be a bit more careful…

… or not, I guess. Because the masks and lockdowns are all part of the Government’s plan to control people and, for reasons unexplained by anyone – even the craziest of the conspiracy theorists, they chose places like Bradford, Huddersfield and Leicester to kick that plan off… All I’ll say to that is, you try and get anyone in Bradford to do something you’ve asked them to do. Good luck with that, government.

Anyway, my favourites of the masking incidents on the bus included the woman who took her mask off, coughed, and then put it back on, the numerous people who don’t know their nose and lungs are connected, one of the many men who only go to town to get pissed and then come home on the 10pm bus putting his mask on after he’d sat down, having talked to several people on the way down the bus, and the one fellow who was using one of the disposable masks which, judging by the colour of it, should have been disposed a long, long time ago.

None of this fills me with any sort of confidence.

Between this and the people rocking up to play games at work without any masks, it’s all a little bit off-putting. Not that you can say anything, obviously, because before masks even became any sort of mandatory need there were other people hard at work coming up with excuses as to why you shouldn’t wear them for what is, in the greater scheme of mask-wearing professionals, a ridiculously short time of your day. Although most of those are that you will, somehow, suffocate.

So far, the only gripe I have is that I have to pre-prepare for mask wearing. I can’t put it on, say, and go straight onto the bus or into a shop (not that I’ve actually been in a shop since March but hey ho, I used to only go in and spend money on shit I didn’t really need so in a way this lockdown has resolved that problem). Instead, I have to put it on a while before to allow my glasses to cycle through the steaming up process until they’re happy with any changes in air flow.

Maybe I’ll start carrying round a card I printed off of the internet that Julie on Facebook shared that one time claiming I’m exempt from wearing a mask. You know, the one just after she’d had a rant about All Lives Mattering….1

… do they Julie? Do they?

Just wear a gosh-darned mask (properly), you fricking heathens.