Aug 15, 2020: Rooms For More

I went into work to run a game tonight, a nice quiet Cabin In The Woods for five girls who have been to play with us before a few times and I know through work and the fact that I used to work with the mum of one of them.

Of the group of five, I had been pre-warned that two of them were really nervous about the room. Those two, however, had not been pre-warned about the room.

Fun ensued.

There’s only so many times you can say, “You’ll be alright…” to people before it starts to become meaningless. Or how many times you can stress that a nine-year-old girl played the room with no real issues.

When they went in to the room, though, the three less-scared players were very loud and chatty. “Come on,” they’d say. “Let’s just get started…”

When they came out, it was a very different story. There was a definite reduction in chat levels. A definite quiet hush had fallen upon them.

In fact, they wouldn’t even have made it out of the room were it not for the two who were the most scared banding together to finish the last puzzle section when the others flat-out refused to do it.

I like to think, in some way, that an escape room experience helps people to grow in confidence.

Although they did make me promise that nothing would happen to them during the final bit, but nothing had been happening to them for a while and they were just shitting each other up with the most silly little things. They were, effectively, doing my work for me. In some ways, the anticipation of a scare is actually more effective than a scare. And the fact that they kept saying they knew where I was, when I most definitely was not where they thought I was just added to the fun.

For me at least.

Maybe not for them.

This cabin malarky is definitely starting to grow on me.

But we’re test running the room that I designed tomorrow… so I’m actually stupidly excited about that. I’m playing it too, which is weird, because I came up with a lot of the puzzles that are in there (or slight variations on what’s in there at least) but I am not allowed to play an active role in puzzle-solving…

I’m looking forward to that.

And we have a new team member who’s running her first cabin tomorrow night, so I get to watch that too.

Should be good fun.