Aug 16, 2020: Cape Escapades

The day is finally here.

The room I designed ages ago has finally been completed, and is resplendent with many of the puzzle ideas I came up with. And it’s glorious. And fun. And funny. And I’m very happy with it.

Some of the puzzles are a bit easier than I had them in my original plan, but I don’t know if that’s to the detriment of the room or not. And when we went in, the story of the room wasn’t particularly well laid out so we need to work on that. And by we I mean me, and by me I mean, I’ve already got it more or less sussed out and I’ll get it written down so that we can provide more of a story oomph at the beginning.

In fact, I’ve just skipped away from this to do that right now. It still needs some work, but like everything in our (and definitely my) speeches at work, it’ll evolve the more times it gets said. It’ll start off quite subdued and normal and within twelve months it’ll be an epic tale with reams of backstory…

But the room was great. I really enjoyed it, although it was weird to be in a room and not really playing an active role in what was happening because I knew what was happening, or what was going to happen or whatever. But it was nice to get to experience it, because I didn’t think I would get to play on that side of the door as well. I enjoyed seeing reactions to things as well, and they were everything I hoped they would be. There’s stuff in there that was designed in a way to make you think that you’ve done something wrong, and the reaction that came out of that was exactly what I wanted, both in the game I was in for and, apparently, the prior test game. It’s also nice to hear the laughter at the bit that – let’s be honest – is in there entirely for shits and giggles. It’s not a puzzle, it’s not getting a code, it’s just something that’s a bit different and will, hopefully, provide a decent bit of entertainment value for the players in the room.

It’s not without needing a tweak or two, though, but once that’s done, I reckon people will be tearing the place up and having a jolly good time doing it.

It’s also a really nice contrast to the horrors that you might find in the Cabin or the singular setting of the Murder Mystery.

It’s full of technology though. So much technology. So it’s going to be a constant fear of breakage for the entire life cycle of the game.

And everything that can break has broken in the other rooms over the past couple of weeks, but we have overcome. And sworn at things.

I just can’t wait to swear at things in Cape Escape too.

It’s gonna be fun.