Aug 17, 2020: Flapping

There’s been some rattling at the cat flap again, the mysterious interloper is back.

But not necessarily interloping, which is weird. Definitely pissing about with the cat flap, but whether they’re coming in or not is another matter.

Last night, both Peppa and myself were downstairs in the front room – Peppa was asleep on the couch which she has really fallen in love with since we got the cover for it, and I was sitting at the table playing a game. The cat flap rattled.

And both myself and Peppa were up like a shot and standing in the doorway, looking into the kitchen. Nothing. Not a bean. No sign of anything.

Then we went outside and did the same thing. Still nothing. Although Peppa was sitting there growling and complaining, so I guess something was definitely in the area. But I couldn’t see it, anyway. And there’s only so long you can stand outside your house having a conversation in the dark with your cat before you start to look like a complete loon.

I definitely think there is house-based intrusion taking place, but it’s one of those things that’s really tricky to capture. I think the cat in question is a bit nervous around people so it’s disappearing if lights are on or whatever, which is why it rattled the flap the other day – popped in, saw lights, popped out. But I would like to catch it in the act at least once, just so I can finally know who or what it is.

I mean, I assume it’s a cat. It might be a goblin. Or an alien. Maybe even a ghost – a poltergeist just rattling the cat flap for something to do.

I mean, it’s definitely the cat. But we can’t rule out and of the other things.

I’d still like to know which cat. If it’s the pregnant one I’ll lock the cat flap behind it…