Aug 18, 2020: Rolling

This week, it has been decreed, that after a couple of successful attempts at playing Roll Player on Tabletopia (successful is a relative term which may, or may not, include any actual victories) we will take one of the expansions for a roll (pun intended) this week, so we’re digging out the Monsters and Minions pack which adds… well, Monsters and Minions.

And, because we’re super organised, we’ve all agreed to play it before Thursday so we understand it. Daniel doesn’t need to because he’s already an expert in this game, and will therefore win and we’ll never play it again. Nik took it out for a spin and was beaten by his own child. It was just down to us to have a go and see what happened.

What happened was we were faced with a lot more bits than in the base game. The base game is dice and a few cards. You put dice in a character sheet to meet certain conditions, score points and finish third. This one is all that but with monsters and minions and tokens for all sorts of stuff. And it’s pretty good.

It changes up the mechanic where you’d go to the market and buy stuff each time in the base game. This time you can sack off shopping and go and beat up an owlbear if you fancy it, get a bit of experience and then plough that into manipulating the dice on your character sheet to be a lot more beneficial to your end goals. Or just to reroll some dice until you get the answer you want, it’s entirely your choice.

Ours was a close run game. We opted to just go with what the game had given us for a starting character and hand of dice. Which was really good because mine were waaaay better than Carole’s so I had an advantage straight out of the gate – I was on track to complete most, if not all, of my attribute targets whereas she was lacking in a lot of departments…

Having said all that, she came out of the gates swinging and punched monsters left, right and centre, so fair play to her.

In the end – and typical of a practice game which, therefore, doesn’t count, I came out on top. Thanks, mainly, to my excellent starting hand of dice. I only won, though, by four points. Which shows that Carole’s plan to beat the living snot out of any ooze, gnolls and goblins which she happened to come across was a pretty successful one too.

Be interesting to see how it goes on Thursday.

You know, when Daniel wins.