Aug 20, 2020: Rolling Along

Thursday night, and our date with destiny and or Nik and Daniel came along.

Daniel didn’t though. He’d been up a mountain in Austria and was so awed by what he saw (which is, basically, the same as the top of every mountain in Austria he’s ever posted a picture of) that he spent too long looking at it all and couldn’t make it back in time for fun and games.

So it was just the three of us. And some monsters and minions.

And some terrible gameplay decisions from at least two of us.

Nik couldn’t really focus too much on the game because his new kitten was, initially, exploring his attic/man-cave and after that was biting his feet. I couldn’t really concentrate because I’d made a terrible tactical error early on, which lead to me needing to fulfil all of my attribute requirements for some extra points and I was fixated on that.

Meanwhile Carole was just quietly doing stuff and punching monsters.

I forgot/neglected the monster punching for a while, which lead to me having a disadvantage when it came to fighting the boss monster. And even worse than that the advantages I did gain from fighting the minions didn’t help because I didn’t mean the requirements for any of them.

I went into the boss monster fight with one dice. Which doesn’t even score any points. I couldn’t reroll anything because I’d spent all my experience points on trying to fulfil the goal I was so fixated on so all I could do was spend all my money to buy some new dice and hope for the best. I think I had five dice. A potential, therefore, to roll up to 30.

I rolled 12.

It was not a good game for me.

It was a great game for Carole. She pissed all over us.

Nik came last because he’d been eaten by a cat. I was barely clinging to second because of my stubborn determination to complete my stupid impulse buy from the beginning of the game.

But Daniel didn’t ruin it all for us, most importantly, by getting twice the points value of the next lowest player. So we might still play it again…