Aug 21, 2020: Where Are You?

The interloper came back last night.

But it’s not interloping.

Its head is, definitely. But the rest of it isn’t.

So… does that mean we have more than one interloper? Or that it no longer wants to interlope because it’s had a bad experience or it’s just fed up of shredding our bin bags for fun and food scraps?

It’s somewhat of a mystery.

I can understand it backing off it it sees me looking at it with a questioning gaze. It’s happened many a time before, and not just with rogue cats. But if I’m not in the eyeline, and Peppa’s not, then surely it could sneak in, have a craft nibble in the food bowl and be gone before we’d even realise what was occuring.

And to shred the stuff it’s shredded in the past it’s definitely coming in and spending quality time in the house. Or Peppa’s trying to frame it.

So, is there another. Have our house’s details been sold on some kind of cat dark web, and all the cats now know there’s a bowl of food only a few feet from the cat flap? And the interloper I’ve seen is just the forward scout, having a quick shufty to see what’s what before the big lads come along and chow down.

I wish I could find out.

Because otherwise it’s locking the cat flap and hoping Peppa can still remember her kitten-hood trick of opening it from outside, or getting up throughout the day to let a needy cat in…

There’s been nothing yet tonight… it’s not even consistent.

Cats are hard buggers to pin to a schedule.